The 2017 Choose Your Hole Championship was played at Sierra del Rio Golf Course this past Saturday, December 16 with eighteen competitors playing in one of the most fun golf events of the year.  There were three holes on each green available for players to hole out and they could choose whichever one was closest to their golf ball!  Many golfers were surprised to get to the green and find that there golf ball was less than a few feet away from an open hole!  There was a total of $540.00 in the purse with half of the prize money going to Low Net Scores and the other half to Low Net Skins.  The following were the results of the winners for Low Net Score: 63, Howie Tucker, $100.00; 64, Mike Tobin, $75.00; 66, Sharon Frye, $50.00; 66, Jim Cliborne, $25.00; 69, Norb Mogen, $20.00.  There were a total of ten Low Net Skins with each Skin worth $27.00 each.  The following were the winners of Skins Money: #1, Wanda Giles; #2, Sharon Frye; #3, Bobby Middleton; #7, Mike Tobin; #8, Sharon Frye; #13, Mike Tobin; #14, Howie Tucker; #15, Scott Marriott; #17, Denise Barrera; #18, Sharon Frye.  Congratulations to all the winners and look forward to the beginning of the 2018 SDR ACES TOUR next month on Saturday, January 20, 2018!