Hidden Treasure on the Rio Grande

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Low Gross Over the Field

Hazel Coelho, Jane Kim, Rosemary McKeown, and Lynn Zeemont

Low Net Over the Field

Karen Dorsey, Sue O’Niell, Lori Tillery, and Christine Voliva

1st Flight-Desert Diamonds

Low Gross: Phyliss Judd, Donna Lafreniere, Randi Roberts, and Pam Sherry

Low Net: Karen Alford, Sylvia Lauer, Kath Natzke, and Cecile Sayah

2nd Flight-Rio Grande Rubies

Low Gross: Vicky Bouvet, Julie Crespy, Linda Hale, and Susan Taylor

Low Net: Hazel Cain, Donna Suave, Jane Spruiell, and Gathel Young

3rd Flight-River Pearls

Low Gross: Jeannie Burleson, Ingeborg Peter, Terese Ulivarri, and Janet Waggoner

Low Net: Sandi Adams, Dagmar Lane, Rozenda Limon, and Linda Warnack

Closest to the Hole

Index 4.4-21.1, Hole #5: Hazel Coelho

Index 21.2-24.9, Hole #2: Christine Voliva

Index 25.4-32.3, Hole #11: Joanne Romero

Index 32.6-40.4, Hole #17: Sandi Adams