A total of 23 golfers participated in the Super Bowl Tournament at Sierra del Rio Golf Course over the weekend for $460.00 in prizes.  Thirteen players chose the Patriots as the winning team (Booooo!) and ten players correctly chose the new World Champions Philadelphia Eagles.  The following are the results of the ten players who chose the winning team along with the money that they earned in Golf Shop credit:


63-Jim Brown                     $125.00

63-Dick Williams                $125.00

65-Jack Fullerton              $75.00

67-Jim Williams                 $50.00

69-Todd Reeves               $35.00

70-Jerry Traweek             $10.00

72-Wanda Giles                $10.00

74-Dave Straub                 $10.00

77-Les Dufour                    $10.00

87-Dave Lazarov               $10.00