Par Three Challenge

Saturday, March 24


Low Net Scores Competition

63-Jack Whitehouse, $200.00, 100 POY Points

66-Bob Ecker, $150.00, 90 POY Points

67-Mike Tobin, $87.50, 75 POY Points

67-Ronnie Day, $87.50, 75 POY Points

70-Dave Straub, $55.00, 60 POY Points

71-Dee Rogers, $20.00, 45 POY Points

71-Rick Merrell, $20.00, 45 POY Points

73-Dick Williams, 30 POY Points

74-Denise Barrera, 15 POY Points

74-Linda Hale, 15 POY Points

76-Scott Williams

77-George Chavez

77-Jerry Traweek

77-Mark Boyle

77-Butch Bullock

78-Cheryl Bullock

78-Wanda Giles

78-Norb Mogen

79-Dave Fredrickson

79-Edmund Widner

79-Gary Schinagel

80-Eddie Thomas

81-Sharon Frye

81-Sandi Adams

82-Eddie Sanders

82-Steve Sanchez

83-Victor Torres

84-Dave Lazarov

87-Kenny Labree

89-Tom West

93-George West

Par Three Challenge Gross

10-Ronnie Day

13-Rick Merrell, $91.25

13-Dick Williams, $91.25

14-Jack Whitehouse, $25.00

14-Mark Boyle, $25.00

14-Eddie Thomas

15-Mike Tobin

15-Linda Hale

15-Eddie Sanders

15-Edmund Widner

15-Butch Bullock

15-Scott Williams

16-Sharon Frye

16-Norb Mogen

16-Dave Lazarov

16-Tom West

17-Dave Straub

17-Dave Fredrickson

17-Bob Ecker

17-Cheryl Bullock

17-Gary Schinagel

17-George West

17-Victor Torres

18-Wanda Giles

18-Sandi Adams

18-George Chavez

18-Jerry Traweek

19-Dee Rogers

19-Denise Barrera

19-Steve Sanchez

21-Kenny Labree

Par Three Challenge Net

6-Ronnie Day, $107.50

9-Dick Williams

10-Jack Whitehouse

10-Sandi Adams, $62.50

10-Eddie Thomas, $62.50

11-Mike Tobin

11-Denise Barrera

11-Linda Hale

11-Eddie Sanders

11-Rick Merrell

11-Scott Williams

12-Sharon Frye

12-Butch Bullock

12-Norb Mogen

13-Dave Straub

13-Dave Fredrickson

13-Bob Ecker

13-Cheryl Bullock

13-Edmund Widner


14-Wanda Giles

14-Jerry Traweek

14-Mark Boyle

15-Dee Rogers

15-Steve Sanchez

16-Dave Lazarov

16-Tom West

17-Gary Schinagel

17-Victor Torres

18-George Chavez

20-Kenny Labree

Closest to the Pin

Hole #2-Edmund Widner

Hole #5-Rick Merrell

Hole #11-Mike Tobin

Hole #17-Ronnie Day

*Closest to the pin winners received 2 for 1 VIP Passes with a value of $60.00 each which is included on the Money List