Srixon/Cleveland Odd Holes Open

Saturday, May 19


Low Net Scores Competition

61-Dave Straub, $105.00, 95 POY Points

61-Butch Bullock, $105.00, 95 POY Points

62-Linda Hale, $60.00, 80 POY Points

66-George Chavez, $30.00, 70 POY Points

67-Gary Schinagel, 60 POY Points

68-Shannon Whitehead, 50 POY Points

69-Bobby Middleton, 35 POY Points

69-Eddie Thomas, 35 POY Points

70-Tanner Croom, 10 POY Points

70-Dick Williams, 10 POY Points

70-Jack Whitehouse, 10 POY Points

71-Sandi Adams

78-Cheryl Bullock

78-Denise Barrera

80-Daniel Feliciano


Odd Holes Open Gross

35-George Chavez, $75.00

37-Bobby Middleton, $37.50

38-Butch Bullock

40-Linda Hale

41-Shannon Whitehead

42-Tanner Croom

43-Dick Williams

43-Gary Schinagel

43-Jack Whitehouse

44-Dave Straub

46-Eddie Thomas

52-Sandi Adams

55-Daniel Feliciano

57-Cheryl Bullock

62-Denise Barrera


Odd Holes Open Net

29-Butch Bullock, $75.00

30-Linda Hale, $37.50

30-George Chavez

31-Bobby Middleton

32-Dave Straub

33-Sandi Adams

34-Jack Whitehouse

35-Tanner Croom

35-Dick Williams

35-Gary Schinagel

36-Shannon Whitehead

37-Eddie Thomas

39-Daniel Feliciano

40-Cheryl Bullock

43-Denise Barrera


Closest to the Pin

Hole #2-Eddie Thomas

Hole #5-George Chavez

Hole #11-Gary Schinagel

Hole #17-Tanner Croom

*Closest to the pin winners received 2 for 1 VIP Passes with a value of $60.00 each which is included on the Money List