The main attraction of Mexico

Mexico is famous not only for chilli peppers, hot dances and world-class courses and golf clubs designed by famous masters. The most popular golf clubs are in Cancun and Rivera Maya. Cancun is the leading destination in the country. PGA tours are a must in Mexico. Athletes feel at home and enjoy the game.

Athletes call such competitions rest, because on the Cancun field they have the opportunity to relax. From the fields, players have beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea, turquoise lagoons. Each field has an original landscape of nature, which has not been touched by the human hand.

Mexico is gradually turning into one of the most popular venues in the world. All golfers dream of playing in Mexico. Magnificent fields designed by the world’s best architects:

  • Dai and Tom Fazio;
  • Greg Norman and Nick Price;
  • Robert von Hagge;
  • Jack Niklas.

The most important advantage that attracts tourists from all over the world in warm tropical weather all year round. Every year, the Ministry of Tourism registers more than 710,000 sports fans from America and Canada. Investment in expensive entertainment is about 6 billion dollars.

The country is famous for more than 200 courses located in the mountains, jungle, ocean or desert. 45% of the places are located in the coastal zone. If you just decide to relax in Mexico, you will involuntarily become a witness to a golf game.

Golf and tourism are a beneficial combination, and the correct distribution of courses in Mexico plays an important role in the development of tourism. If you look at the golf map, you can see that more than 40 are located either in resort towns or nearby. For the convenience of every tourist, there are golf hotels, on the territory of which you can play and relax at the same time.

Notorious golf courses in Mexico

The most popular courses are Malenalca Golf Club, Grand Reserva Country Course, Avandara Golf Club, El Camelon Mayakoba, Eltinto Cancun Country Golf Club. For their sake, tourists and golfers are ready to cross the seas, oceans and thousands of kilometers to play on modern, famous venues.

Based on statistics, every golfer who comes to the country leaves here 8 times more money than an ordinary tourist. The listed courses attract athletes with a number of complex holes, holes and marks built right into the natural landscape. Many players have achieved success and set the coveted records in Mexico.

The best period for such entertainment is from October to May, while in other countries the season has ended long ago. The country is in the top 15 tournament leaders in the world. While worldwide 197 countries.

Many hotels offer packages that include accommodation and green fees. Every real golfer should come to the end of the Earth in Los Cabos and play on the legendary course “The One and Only”. In each of the clubs, the bar and restaurant correspond to the status of the club. a golf cart is included in the cost of the round and is mandatory, and a caddy is optional.

Practice lawns are open for beginners, where you can hone your skills with professionals or on your own. Agree that such conditions correspond to the level and cost of such entertainment. After all, not every country gives beginners the opportunity to train on the same field with a professional.

The landmark of the area is El Kmelon, ranked 3rd in the 10 most unusual fields in the world. This area is full of danger, in which there are sand dunes and mangroves. It is known for its natural holes in the ground in local slang called “devil’s mouth”.

It is worth noting that only professionals can play on such a territory, otherwise it is fraught with life. Representatives of the weaker sex were not left without attention. The percentage of women playing golf is over 44%. In honor of this, the new area was named “Women’s Beach”, where only women take part and compete.