El Tinto golf club course

The golf club was founded in 2012. El Tinto fields are designed by renowned architect Nick Price, who has designed fields all over the world. The main task for him was to take care of the environment and introduce natural nature into the design.

All natural obstacles, water bodies, elevation changes have become part of the field. The golf course has become on par with world-class creations. Particular attention was paid to PGA athletes with further use of the field for PGA tours. The highlight of the field is a continuous covering of water grass Platinum Paspalum. The plant species settled in this region, you will not find it in others.

There are 84 bunkers and 5 lakes on the field. Initially the club was called “Southern Field”. To attract customers, it was decided to change the name to a more luxurious one. The location of the golf club in Cancun is quite good. It is only 15 minutes drive from the city center.

The international airport is within walking distance. Initially, the territory of the club course was completely covered with mangroves, which complicated the construction and design of the course.

Among professional athletes, El Tinto is a challenging field. In addition to natural obstacles, golfers have to deal with the natural elements. Due to the fact that the coastline runs a couple of kilometers, and the breezes of the Caribbean Sea make themselves felt.

The course is designed in such a way that golfers are in complete privacy during the passage of holes. Each hole opens access to itself only upon the arrival of the ball. This route is called “repeating nines”.

Feel like a pro at El Tinto

The golf course was originally built for professional players and has a confirmation of this. The Golf Association of Latin America recognized this country club as one of the best golf courses in the country. In 2016, the magazine “Golf Digest”, El Tinto was named the best course for resting.

The administration of the golf club every year works on excellence standards to make their golf club the best in the world.

Upon arrival at the territory, each golfer is provided with a concierge, who will help in the location and excursions around the territory.

In order not to carry out all the games yourself, the concierge can take care of the issues. A dress code has been introduced on the territory of the club, because traditions require respect for the sport.

The administration accepts players every day from early morning until sunset, seven days a week. El Tinto golf course is open to both women and men. At the statistics, women prefer the club more than men.