The history of the club

The Grand Reserva Golf Club is located in Ixtapan de la Sal, Mexico. It was founded by the San Roman family. Initially, the family owned about 400 hectares of land, which they followed. The entire territory was considered a protected area.

To attract tourists, the fields were converted into golf entertainment. Step by step, the family combined nature and sport into one profitable golf project. Officially, in the status of a golf territory, it has existed since 2003.

The fields themselves are set high among the trees, which the locals call sotogrande “alto”. From a bird’s eye view, it resembles a bird’s nest in shape. Its design is fully consistent with the natural terrain. The area was designed by renowned designer Donald Sechrest.

It is an 18 hole course with an area of ​​over 7500 yards. The length of the field for sports is about 5.5 kilometers. On average, it takes about 4 hours to play such a distance. The means of transportation for players is usually golf carts or walking. It is considered mandatory for golfers to visit these places to play. This field is considered the most difficult, because many strikes have to be carried out blindly.

The club has services for renting clubs, caddies, golf carts. If you have forgotten or lost your golf uniform, you can rent it locally.

Features of the Grand Reserva club

The seat of the Grand Reserva is a club house, which is a country building. It is designed in such a way as not to harm nature and repeats the entire landscape. The peculiarity of the layout is that the house was created in the form of terraces.

This gives the player or tourist a private area. Each terrace has a separate entrance. The building includes swimming pools, jacuzzis, playgrounds. During the break between the game, everyone can use the services on the territory. If tourists come with their families, then there are also worthy entertainments and playgrounds for children.

On the golf territory there are exclusive villas for singles and hermits who want to retire with nature. They are in the forest away from the crowded area. Grand Reserva, in addition to golf courses, owns 7 hectares of forest, through which cycling routes, camping sites and much more pass.

The golf club is constantly developing and preparing for the commissioning of the fishing and mushroom club. The head of the San Roman family said “We should not forget that our Grand Reserva club was originally founded in order to get in touch with nature and spend moments of fun, relaxation as close to nature as possible”.