The emergence of the star club

El Camelon Golf Club is located in the beautiful city of Tulun. The city is already famous for its sports facilities, stadiums, football grounds, diving centers, and a Koba ball stadium. The entire list is concluded by El Camelon Golf Club.

Founded by golf legend and prominent player of the 20th century, Gregor Norman. He wanted to create the club in such a way as to combine the Mayan culture in it, which emphasizes the Mexican roots. His main idea is to make the field one of a kind, without analogs in the world.

The golf course has become unique not only in Mexico but throughout the world. Its highlight is its patency through 3 different locations:

  •  tropical jungle;
  •  dense mango thickets;
  •  sea coast.

The area of ​​the unique structure is 7039 yards with 18 holes. Each brick in the design of the building is reminiscent of the structures of the ancient Mayan tribe. The highlight on the club’s territory is an artificial channel to which every player has access. Getting into the boat, the golfer gets to the desired location along the canal. The golf club is included in the PGA tour in the US and Canada.

The field is provided for beginners and professionals. The only club in Mexico that has a golf school was founded by Jim McLean. Beginners in the sport are given the opportunity to receive individual lessons with certified professionals. The sports area has an unspoiled natural beauty. One of the highlights is the famous Mayan cave. It is located on the territory of the golf course.

Despite this, it remains intact and is protected as a historical value. The fields of El Camelon overlook the Caribbean Sea. Here, athletes and tourists can see various species of plants and insects on the verge of extinction.

Significant facts for the club

  1.  Since 2007, El Camelon has been the venue for World Champion Technology Mayakoba. First PGA tournament outside of the USA. Since then, every year more than 132 participants attend the famous championship.
  2.  Golf school. The school uses the latest technologies for modeling and analyzing golf on computer software. This method will explore all the errors and show what needs to be worked on. This makes it the number 1 golf school in the entire country.
  3.  El Camelon surprises with its world-class restaurants. Even the royals will envy the service. Recently, the restaurant has been providing its services not only to visitors, but also open to orders for private events and corporate parties.
  4.  The golf club is open 365 days a year. Guests are free to plan their weekends however they wish, there are no specific opening hours.