Founding of Avandaro Golf Club

Avandaro was founded by fellow enthusiasts Jose Luiz Chain and Jose Yazbek in the 60s. They are so amazed by the beauty of the city of Valle – de Bravo, which is located on the slopes of the coast of the lake of the same name. In the slang of the locals, the town is called “Paradise City”.

The creators built an architectural complex on the southern slopes of the city of Avandaro organization. Modern sport club has turned into a hotel club where you can not only play, but also relax. The field area is exactly 200 hectares on the territory of which there are 18 holes.

In the 60s, the organization was not so popular in Mexico. But on its territory they hosted equestrian competitions and built their own stables. In 1968, the Avandaro Golf Club hosted equestrian competition in the Summer Olympics. Since the creation of Avandaro, it can be safely said that he has witnessed many major competitions.

Only members can visit the territory. If a tourist wants to play golf, first you need to pay a membership fee and become a member. After that, everyone will feel like a sports celebrity. Indispensable accessories provided by the club are white gloves, golf carts with navigators, which makes driving much easier.

The game course is located on an amazing slope, which will help you enjoy nature above sea level. Each member of the club will feel like a member of the PGA.

Avandaro Golf Club Attractions

While the innovators contributed to the architecture of the golf organisation, the famous designer Percy Clifford became the creator of the course. In his project, Percy motivated himself by the harmony and beauty of the area.

The designer introduced the golf course without disturbing the natural landscape of nature. The terrain of the territory is hilly, surrounded by mountains and intersected by ravines and streams.
Gradually, the city gained popularity among tourists.

The founders decided to expand their range of services to attract more people and profits. A children’s golf club has been introduced on the territory, where everyone can practice and spend time with their child. An additional service is the best lifeguard in the city.

For tennis lovers there are 8 professional tennis courts. Gyms and gyms on the territory as an attribute. The administration has introduced a professional yoga room for visitors. People who are passionate about football organized a football field.

Recently, the only semi-Olympic swimming pool in the region has been opened. Athletes from different parts of the region come to Avandaro to practice.